Music Dose- A hella long hiatus edition

Hi guys, sooooo I’m back…. lol *nervous laugh* I honestly didn’t intend to be absent for so long. It’s just that when I made this blog initially I was studying abroad, and when I came home, well…. I kinda forgot about it.. So yeah.. either way I’m back now!!! I think for good too, since I am on summer break now, and of course I have a lot of songs to recommend since during the time I was gone I have heard great GREAT songs. To kick things off I’ll have to recommend my favorite cover song at the moment- Cliff to the Heaven by Jess Lee. But the original isn’t what I want to mention in this post, it is the cover by Rachel Liang and Tian YianGong?(I think that’s pinyin for her name), don’t get me wrong, the original is good and well but this cover, THIS COVER THO, is LIFE. The adjective that comes to mind when I listen to this is ‘tauntingly beautiful’. Tian has the main melody here while Rachel does seamless harmony plus adlibs, simply brilliant. Rachel Liang has once again proven why she is my favorite chinese female singer. No more words, simply let the song speak to you as you click on the link now.




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