Music Dose~ XOXO Edition

XOXOXOXO, hugs and kisses~ That’s the song I want to introduce today. EXO’s XOXO, am I the only one who thinks it’s extremely clever for the band to have a song basically echoing their band name? Yes? Alright. Anyways~ Please give this song a listen! I especially enjoyed D.O’s intro of the song and Kai’s little rap sequence. Hohoho get on this EXO train with meXD


Music Dose~ Post- Breakup Medley

Today I would like to dedicate the post to a medley of C-pop~ It is quite interesting how well these three songs intertwine with each other and at the time distinctly different enough to express individuality.

The first song in this medley is 你就不要想起我 (Do Not Remember Me)- Hebe Tian. I feel like Hebe’s solo work has a distinct style, she portrays a more modern female mindset that despite putting on a strong front, they are still vulnerable and deeply affected by the break-up. The song basically tells the story that the guy in the relationship isn’t fighting hard enough for the two to stay together, and the title actually translates to more of ‘You better not think of me” and the chorus she sings you better not think of me because then you will know how much it hurts. But when she is singing that, she is the one that is thinking of and missing the other person~ Pretty neat song!

The second song is my favorite within the three~ 分手後不要做朋友- 梁文音. The title speaks for itself “Let’s not be friends after our breakup”, the story follows the train of the thoughts that run through the girl’s mind after breaking up, “Cleaning out all your drawers and belongings.. I’m not strong so let’s not be friends after breaking up, I’m not kind either so I don’t want to see you holding her hand” A more straightforward and greatly relatable song, although I may be biased since Rachel Liang is my favorite female singerXD Her voice conveys the feelings and pain so well that it actually made me cry a couple of times listening to this trackXDDD

Please check this song out if you haven’t already! One thing with her is that you don’t even need to understand the lyrics, you can feel the feels through her voice~

Last song is 我不祝福 (I Do Not Bless)-Matilda Tao. This song I feel has a more mature feel than the previous two. It gives off the impression that the two people in this song have been through a remarkable long-term relationship, and she does not wish the best for her ex after the breakup because she does not want to face that fact that they have drifted apart~ Check out the song if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading through this long post~XDD So which song do you relate to the most? In my opinion you don’t even have to go through the same thing for a song to be relatable- it’s all about using your imaginations~


Music Dose~ Canto. Edition

Today I want to dedicate this post to one of my favorite cantonese singers- Stephy Tang. Her voice just has a very appealing grab for me, making her one of my all time favorites- not to mention her songs are 99% good. The song I want to recommend is called 你好嗎?= How are you? But it actually has a different meaning. The first two characters and the last can be broken up with the first two meaning ‘You are good”, and the last character changing the tone to a question. So it actually carries the meaning of “How are you good?”. Clever word play right? It talks about how even though she have had some desirable suitors, she still is unable to move on from her ex, and she is asking herself “what is so great about you that is making me linger in the past”- hens the title of this song. I love love love this song so please check it out down below if you haven’t~

Music Dose~ Strangeness edition

The song I want to recommend today is destiny’s child’s Cater 2 U. Wow wow this song has a nice r&b flow, but the thing is, the lyrics are kind of.. demeaning? It’s basically a woman saying she’d do anything for her man (foot rub, cook dinner, etc) Idk maybe I am just too sensitiveXDD But nonetheless, nice song! Please check it out down below~

Music Dose~ Rainy Day edition

On rainy days, what are songs would you listen to? For me personally, I’d do ballads. I LOVE ballads any other time of day but especially when it’s raining out and I want to stay inside, I would listen to some sad calming ballads. The song I want to introduce today is by Kim Jaejoong- I said I’m sorry. This song describes how regretful he felt after the girl proposed the breakup- how he should’ve treated her better, and the bitter response of saying how her new guy does not suit her as well as him. A song filled with agonizing regret. Please check this song out!~

Music Dose~ Fairytale Edition 2

The song I want to recommend today is interesting a song that fit well within the fairytale theme I put up yesterdayXD Another song by EXO, Miracles in December. Apparently this came out with their christmas album? Even though the lyrics have nothing to really do with Christmas, except the fact that in the mv they seem to be filming in the winter.. The mv also had not-so-subtle ads for nature republic lol. This song I feel is made for Chen’s voice, it fits so well with the song it kinda killed me, but I loved it when Baekhyun came in with that last chorus opening, adding a nice twist towards the end. But expression wise- I’m really digging D.O’s monolooking face, if that makes any sense. Very beautifully sung, I declare myself an exotic! Hopefully the next song wouldn’t be EXO’s again:p

Anyways please check out this song!~

Music Dose~ Fairytale Edition

Today when I was shuffling my ipod, a long forgotten favorite came on. This song is pretty hard to find, located in Rainie Yang’s second album. I find the lyrics and melody very soothing and touching. “I dont need a prince, I just hope you would understand”. Reflects on a girl’s so called fairytale fantasies getting thrown aside because she met someone better in real life. Idk maybe I’m in a sensitive mood but this song really stroke a chord tonight~ Please check it out if you haven’t already!

失戀的睡美人- 楊丞琳


Music Dose~ Alien Edition

The song that has been on repeat on my ipod for the past day and a half is none other than Overdose by the rising boy band- EXO: boys from another planet a.k.a alien editionXDD I never paid close attention to EXO before, with these new kpop groups coming out, it can be tiring to follow all of them. Anyways, the reason why they got my attention was because I began watching this new korean variety show called Roommate- which Chanyeol from EXO is in. Obviously he left a good impression on me, so then of course I had to look up his band in return and ran into their new song! It’s quite a controversial day to to uploading this post since one of the member apparently wants out of their contract with SM. I’m beginning to think I’m cursed because every group I like seem to breakup: first with DBSK now with EXO. STOP IT

Here is Overdose~ Please have a listen! Watching the video while listening to the song is like a party to all your senses lol


Music Dose~ American Version

Ariana Grande’s Almost is Never Enough was my jam for the longest time, today it suddenly came back into my mind as I was trying update this blog. I heard Ariana and Nate hooked up after this song too, no wonder why their live performances always had sparks flying lol.


Music Dose~ 陳勢安-天后

This song is my new jam lately, I know it’s not a super recent song, but I just downloaded it lately and it’s been playing in loops. No shame.


Andrew Chen’s voice is pretty unique, I wouldn’t say I’m in love with it, but it’s a nice change from the generic voices that modern singers tend to sport nowadays. All in all, a really good song! Apparently he is more recognized just for this song instead of him as a singer, which is pretty pitifulDX

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