Music Dose- Downpour

Ahh the weather is really bad where I am living… so rainy and unbearably cold.. days like these, I really do like to indulge myself in ballad songs (when I was younger I would put those songs on while I ride the bus and pretend like Im in like tragic kdrama). Any who, as you are tell by the title and this forceful introduction, the song I want to recommend this time is Downpour by I.O.I written and composed by Woozi!!!! (Woooooo, whose demo version of the song is also 120% lit). Last song for the group as a whole before disbandment, quite sad really, since I do enjoy them as far as rookies go. So here it is:

Lol also if you haven’t, go watch the live of this song during their last concert, one of the girls choked on a piece of confetti when everyone was aweing over how choked up she was, little did they know she legitly choked-v-


Music Dose- A hella long hiatus edition

Hi guys, sooooo I’m back…. lol *nervous laugh* I honestly didn’t intend to be absent for so long. It’s just that when I made this blog initially I was studying abroad, and when I came home, well…. I kinda forgot about it.. So yeah.. either way I’m back now!!! I think for good too, since I am on summer break now, and of course I have a lot of songs to recommend since during the time I was gone I have heard great GREAT songs. To kick things off I’ll have to recommend my favorite cover song at the moment- Cliff to the Heaven by Jess Lee. But the original isn’t what I want to mention in this post, it is the cover by Rachel Liang and Tian YianGong?(I think that’s pinyin for her name), don’t get me wrong, the original is good and well but this cover, THIS COVER THO, is LIFE. The adjective that comes to mind when I listen to this is ‘tauntingly beautiful’. Tian has the main melody here while Rachel does seamless harmony plus adlibs, simply brilliant. Rachel Liang has once again proven why she is my favorite chinese female singer. No more words, simply let the song speak to you as you click on the link now.



Music Dose- Smooth Edition

Man I have no words for this song. Just listen to it, Ariana Grande has been going above and beyond my expectations with this album of hers thus far. First with Bang bang bang feat. Jessie J. and Nicki Minaj JESUS HOLY MOTHER OF LORD IT IS BEAUTIFUL. This song is epic, and I appreciate the slow beat. And I’ll have you know I actually can’t wait for the download links for this song cause I just fell in love with it. I PURCHASE THIS SONG WITH MY OWN FREAKING MONEY.


Best Mistake- Ariana Grande feat. Big Sean

Do yourself a favor and click on this link:

Music Dose- Brain wash edition

You know how some songs just come out and even though you don’t specifically pay attention to it, you find yourself humming it for the entire day? YEAH well I’m stuck in this loop with Ariana Grande’s semi new track- Problem (Feat. Iggy). Give a listen and you will find yourself whispering *I got one less problem without you* sooner or later. It’s not just me, I swear!!

Music Dose~ Comeback Edition

JYJ COMEBACK! Fangirls UNITEXDDDD. Anyways, this post is dedicated to the long waited comeback by JYJ for a good three years. I didn’t expect to enjoy their comeback this much but nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised~ The mv also went above and beyond in terms of looks and presentation wise. Good job boys! Give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Music Dose- Guilty Pleasure Edition~

LONG TIME NO SEE/TALK!!! Sorry I haven’t been updating as frequently as I used to~ I decide to dedicate this post to my recent guilty pleasure song- Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz). Lol the song is pretty straightforward in sync with the song title haha. If you haven’t listened to this, give it a shot! *Warning* It is HIGHLY addictive and will have you shamelessly humming the chorus in no time.


Music Dose~ Long time no see edition

LONG TIME NO SEE/TALK! Sorry it took me a century and a half to update again, it’s simply because I’ve busy for nonconventional stuff lately-_-. Anyways~ the song I would like to include in this edition is Goodbye Summer- F(x) ft. D.O. As you all probably know by now, I am an Exotic== So of course I would follow their work, and one of my friend actually showed me this song on her ipodxD. But I will spare naming her name on this blog~ It’s about how this pair of childhood friend have feelings for each other but neither of them confessed and therefore now they are regretful because the summer they shared is gone? The moral of this song, CONFESS YOUR HEART OUT WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO. Especially if the other party is as adorable as D.O heheheh. Give this song a try! I heard Amber actually composed the tune to this track~

Goodbye Summer:

Music Dose~ Long overdue edition

My schedule has been so screwed over lately I completely forgot about updating this blog>< Anyways, the song I want to recommend today is 나비소녀 (Don’t Go)- EXO. Sorry to bombard this blog with all exo songs lately, it’s only cause I’m in love with them now. (or should I say I’m OVERDOSEDxD muahahahahha) It’s my favorite song by them- even though I am struggling with my econ final at the moment, I still find peace when listening to this marvelous song. The tune is fluffy and natural, a beat I really like. Enjoy the song below~


Music Dose~ XOXO Edition

XOXOXOXO, hugs and kisses~ That’s the song I want to introduce today. EXO’s XOXO, am I the only one who thinks it’s extremely clever for the band to have a song basically echoing their band name? Yes? Alright. Anyways~ Please give this song a listen! I especially enjoyed D.O’s intro of the song and Kai’s little rap sequence. Hohoho get on this EXO train with meXD

Music Dose~ Post- Breakup Medley

Today I would like to dedicate the post to a medley of C-pop~ It is quite interesting how well these three songs intertwine with each other and at the time distinctly different enough to express individuality.

The first song in this medley is 你就不要想起我 (Do Not Remember Me)- Hebe Tian. I feel like Hebe’s solo work has a distinct style, she portrays a more modern female mindset that despite putting on a strong front, they are still vulnerable and deeply affected by the break-up. The song basically tells the story that the guy in the relationship isn’t fighting hard enough for the two to stay together, and the title actually translates to more of ‘You better not think of me” and the chorus she sings you better not think of me because then you will know how much it hurts. But when she is singing that, she is the one that is thinking of and missing the other person~ Pretty neat song!

The second song is my favorite within the three~ 分手後不要做朋友- 梁文音. The title speaks for itself “Let’s not be friends after our breakup”, the story follows the train of the thoughts that run through the girl’s mind after breaking up, “Cleaning out all your drawers and belongings.. I’m not strong so let’s not be friends after breaking up, I’m not kind either so I don’t want to see you holding her hand” A more straightforward and greatly relatable song, although I may be biased since Rachel Liang is my favorite female singerXD Her voice conveys the feelings and pain so well that it actually made me cry a couple of times listening to this trackXDDD

Please check this song out if you haven’t already! One thing with her is that you don’t even need to understand the lyrics, you can feel the feels through her voice~

Last song is 我不祝福 (I Do Not Bless)-Matilda Tao. This song I feel has a more mature feel than the previous two. It gives off the impression that the two people in this song have been through a remarkable long-term relationship, and she does not wish the best for her ex after the breakup because she does not want to face that fact that they have drifted apart~ Check out the song if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading through this long post~XDD So which song do you relate to the most? In my opinion you don’t even have to go through the same thing for a song to be relatable- it’s all about using your imaginations~


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