Music Dose~ Canto. Edition

Today I want to dedicate this post to one of my favorite cantonese singers- Stephy Tang. Her voice just has a very appealing grab for me, making her one of my all time favorites- not to mention her songs are 99% good. The song I want to recommend is called 你好嗎?= How are you? But it actually has a different meaning. The first two characters and the last can be broken up with the first two meaning ‘You are good”, and the last character changing the tone to a question. So it actually carries the meaning of “How are you good?”. Clever word play right? It talks about how even though she have had some desirable suitors, she still is unable to move on from her ex, and she is asking herself “what is so great about you that is making me linger in the past”- hens the title of this song. I love love love this song so please check it out down below if you haven’t~