Music Dose~ Post- Breakup Medley

Today I would like to dedicate the post to a medley of C-pop~ It is quite interesting how well these three songs intertwine with each other and at the time distinctly different enough to express individuality.

The first song in this medley is 你就不要想起我 (Do Not Remember Me)- Hebe Tian. I feel like Hebe’s solo work has a distinct style, she portrays a more modern female mindset that despite putting on a strong front, they are still vulnerable and deeply affected by the break-up. The song basically tells the story that the guy in the relationship isn’t fighting hard enough for the two to stay together, and the title actually translates to more of ‘You better not think of me” and the chorus she sings you better not think of me because then you will know how much it hurts. But when she is singing that, she is the one that is thinking of and missing the other person~ Pretty neat song!

The second song is my favorite within the three~ 分手後不要做朋友- 梁文音. The title speaks for itself “Let’s not be friends after our breakup”, the story follows the train of the thoughts that run through the girl’s mind after breaking up, “Cleaning out all your drawers and belongings.. I’m not strong so let’s not be friends after breaking up, I’m not kind either so I don’t want to see you holding her hand” A more straightforward and greatly relatable song, although I may be biased since Rachel Liang is my favorite female singerXD Her voice conveys the feelings and pain so well that it actually made me cry a couple of times listening to this trackXDDD

Please check this song out if you haven’t already! One thing with her is that you don’t even need to understand the lyrics, you can feel the feels through her voice~

Last song is 我不祝福 (I Do Not Bless)-Matilda Tao. This song I feel has a more mature feel than the previous two. It gives off the impression that the two people in this song have been through a remarkable long-term relationship, and she does not wish the best for her ex after the breakup because she does not want to face that fact that they have drifted apart~ Check out the song if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading through this long post~XDD So which song do you relate to the most? In my opinion you don’t even have to go through the same thing for a song to be relatable- it’s all about using your imaginations~